Prince of Wales pub closed - Council agrees it's a Community Asset

Photoshoot 16th January 2024 (photo from Theresa Villiers' Facebook)

Stonegate, the company which owns the Prince of Wales pub at the centre of East Barnet Village, is reported to have £2.6 billion of debts and is likely to close all of its 4,500 pubs. They closed the PoW on 14th February 2024. It's not yet known what might happen to the building, but to try to gain a short breathing space to come up with a solution, EBRA worked with East Barnet councillor Phil Cohen and MP Theresa Villiers to designate it as an asset of community value (ACV). 

On Tue 16th Jan '24 customers and residents met outside the pub for a photocall.  The full report is on The Barnet Society's website.

Phil also launched a petition to try to save the pub - please sign it! It has received over 2,800 signatures and is still going strong.

Thank you!

[updated on Mon 26-Feb-2024]

Within a week, on Mon 22nd Jan '24 EBRA submitted the nomination to Barnet Council who had to make a decision within 8 weeks. Thanks to everyone who provided information about how the pub  is such a valuable community asset.

On Tue 30th Jan '24 there was a deputation to the full Council meeting.

You can read all about it in The Barnet Post.

The Council's Community Rights team  have issued their recommendation that the Leader approves our Asset of Community Value nomination - you can read it here.

EBRA discussed our ACV nomination with the Leader and officers of the Council, along with ward councillors, in an online meeting on Monday 26th February. The owners were invited but neither they nor their lawyers attended. The Leader of Barnet Council, Barry Rawlings decided to use his delegated powers to list it as an Asset of Community Value.

You can read The Barnet Society's report on this decision here, along with what might happen next...

[updated on Mon 26-Feb-2024]

North London Business Park Expansion PLANNING APPEAL

Plans to double the number of housing units to be built on the North London Business Park in taller tower blocks were refused by Barnet Council's Strategic Planning Committee. Comer Homes appealed to the Government's Planning Inspectorate to try to overturn this decision. We await the Inspector's decision.

Full details on our dedicated campaign website nlbp.eastbar.net

[updated on Mon 26-Feb-2024]

Arnos Grove Station Car Parks CLOSED

The plans to destroy the car parks and build flats there were unanimously rejected by Enfield's Planning Committee.

The developers and TfL appealed to the Government's Planning Inspectorate who overturned the decision.

Work started to clear the site and start excavations. These stopped under the cover story that the ground was contaminated. However there are suspicions that the project is unviable in its current form and economic climate. We await further news.

In the meantime the site is not being used as a car park or as anything else. Well done Enfield Council!

[updated on Sun 12-Nov-2023]

Guide to Oak Hill Park & Wood

We have published our latest guide to Oak Hill Park and Wood on the Friends website foohp.eastbar.net/maps

[updated on Wed 22-Feb-2023]

New Barnet Gasworks "Victoria Quarter" REFUSED and NO FURTHER APPEALS

Fairview New Homes and One Housing submitted a series of revisions to their Victoria Quarter planning application. 

The Planning Committee refused the plans, so the developers appealed to the Government's Planning Inspectorate.

The Planning Inspector dismissed the appeal, so the developers tried to start a judicial review of the Planning Inspector.

The High Court Judge, Sir Duncan Ouseley, stated that: "None of the grounds are arguable. They repeat submissions made to the Inspector which he, in the rational exercise of his planning judgment, rejected for legally adequate reasons... His approach is unarguably impeccable" 

So the developers tried again with another High Court Judge to get permission for a judicial review. That was also refused.

So that is the end of the road for Fairview. There is nothing else they can do to try to force the scheme through, apart from tinker with amendments to the extant planning permissions.

We wait to see what their next moves are.

[updated on 2024-01-13]

Public Space Protection Order

A Borough-wide PSPO is now in operation.
Full details are here (3 MB PDF)

Notice Boards

There are two notice boards in Oak Hill Park - by the Golf and by the Café - and we now have keys to them. If anyone has information they would like placed there, please contact us. Nothing political, and no commercial advertising, of course.

Barnet's Local Plan

EBRA has been considering the implications of Barnet's draft Local Plans for several years. We have submitted many comments and suggestions to the Council's strategic planning team, and worked with FORAB on a Barnet-wide response.

The final draft is now undergoing "Examination in Public" which continues into  October / November 2022.

You can read our MP Theresa Villiers' report on her involvement during the first week here.

Cockfosters Station Car Park SAVED!

EBRA has been working with CLARA and the Save Cockfosters team for the past two years to fine-tune residents' objections to this scheme to build skyscrapers on one of the highest hills in London, and persuade politicians to keep the essential park-and-ride facility.

Grant Shapps MP, the Secretary of State for Transport, has vetoed the plans because destroying the park-and-ride facility would severely hamper passengers' ability to access TfL's transport network.

This is such a good news story - within hours it was reported by our colleagues the Barnet Society:

The Bandstand

We're on a quest to find out more about the Bandstand in its prime.
Barnet Museum kindly sent an article from The Barnet Press written in 1943 about the "holiday-at-home" activities in the park during WW2: