EBRA Constitution


The name of the Association shall be the EAST BARNET RESIDENTS' ASSOCIATION.


(a) To act in a non party political manner on behalf of the RESIDENTS and those concerned with and who have an interest in the area, in controlling our environment, improving our village and safeguarding the welfare, rights and interests of the residents at all times.

(b) To present objections, modifications or improved suggestions to developments, plans and ideas within our area.

(c) To raise funds to assist in achieving our objects.


Residents and other persons having an interest in the area known as East Barnet and are over 18 years of age shall be eligible for membership, subject to the approval of the Committee.


The annual subscription shall be determined by the members present at the Annual General Meeting, following the Treasurer's Report.

Free Trial memberships may be offered from time to time.


(a) The Association shall have the following Roles:

  • Chair

  • Vice Chair

  • Honorary Secretary

  • Honorary Treasurer

  • Newsletter Distribution

An individual may perform more than one Role. The Association shall be managed by a Committee consisting of the above Roles and up to nine other members, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and hold office until the subsequent election at the next Annual General Meeting. Any Committee Member shall be eligible for re-election if so willing. Committee Members shall have equal voting power and be empowered to co-opt additional (non-voting) members should a particular need arise.

(b) The Committee shall manage the affairs, property and funds of the Association, but may at any time delegate any or all of the powers vested in them by this Constitution, to any subcommittee which may be formed.

(c) The Committee shall communicate in person or online or by other means as required. The quorum necessary for the transaction of business at a Committee Meeting shall be THREE members.

(d) Committee Minutes shall be circulated to all Committee members.

(e) Amendments or alterations to the Constitution shall be proposed at an Annual General Meeting. Proposed alterations to the Constitution can only be made if agreed by a straight majority of those present and eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

(f) Resolutions should be carried on a straight majority, except where otherwise stated in the Constitution.

(g) An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called within TWENTY ONE days of a request submitted to the Secretary and signed by TWELVE members. The request shall state the nature of the business for the agenda and only such business shall be discussed and voted upon. Notice of any such meeting will be sent to members.

(h) The Committee may enter into an agreement with other bodies for the furtherance of the objects of the Association.


The person in the Honorary Secretary Role shall keep a record of the business transacted at all Association and Committee Meetings and submit to the Annual General Meeting a report of the affairs of the Association since the previous Annual General Meeting. They shall submit a draft copy of this report to the Committee before the Annual General Meeting. They shall conduct the correspondence of the Association and shall act on all occasions under the direction of the Committee.


(a) The person in the Honorary Treasurer Role shall receive all monies due to the Association. They will maintain the Association's bank account.

(b) The Annual Accounts shall be made up to the end of the financial year and duly audited for submission to the Annual General Meeting.


The members shall meet (in person or by some other means) annually unless there are exceptional reasons not to.

(a) To receive the Annual Report of the Secretary.

(b) To receive the Audited Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts for the previous financial year

(c) To elect the Association's Committee.

(d) Notice of the Annual General Meeting must be given to members. Motions not on the agenda may be brought forward by the consent of the Chair and a majority of those present and eligible to vote.

(f) Nominations for Roles and Committee Members may be made before or at the Annual General Meeting.

(g) Members at the Annual General Meeting shall elect honorary Auditor(s).

(h) The Committee shall have the power to nominate to the Annual General Meeting a President and/or Vice President of the Association, subject to the approval of the Annual General Meeting. They shall be entitled to hold such position until the next Annual General Meeting when they shall be eligible for re-election if so willing and are nominated by the Committee.


The Association may at any time be dissolved by a resolution passed by a THREE FOURTHS majority of those present and voting at a meeting of which TWENTY-EIGHT days' notice in writing, setting out the nature of the resolution, shall have been sent to members. Any assets at the dissolution shall be transferred to a charitable organisation, as approved at the meeting, and operating for the benefit of the residents in the Association's area.

(This revised constitution was ratified at the AGM held on 18th October 2021. The previous version from 2015 is here)