Some people (particularly those who ask to join our Facebook group) question why we require email and postal addresses and a subscription...

Here are some reasons for the modest subscription:

Membership is administered by email, therefore we require an email address. We also require a member's postal address so we can still get in touch when email delivery fails, and to be able to communicate directly with relevant members if something of interest or concern arises near them. All information is covered by our privacy policy.

To join the East Barnet Residents' Association you may subscribe online: click here

Or contact us with your name, address and email (and preferably a phone number), and we'll reply with our bank account details, or alternatively a local address where you can pay your subscription in cash. We may offer a free trial if you've not previously been a member.

In return you'll receive our frequent emailed newsletters and bulletins and have access to our private Facebook group and members' meetings. We also post on Facebook when things arise. For just £2 per household per year it's a great way of keeping in touch with local issues and swapping information.

You can find out more about the Association here or contact us for more information.